Selecting  A Celebrant

When selecting a celebrant, the most crucial factor to consider is whether or not you are at ease with them, and, whether you want them to assist you in designing, producing, and leading your ceremony. It can be quite beneficial in this situation to look up reviews about them on review websites, social media pages, and their website.

Try to become familiar with the structure of a typical ceremony before scheduling any meetings with possible celebrants so that you can discuss your ideas for the big day. However, don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin; a knowledgeable celebrant can help you with this.

A celebrant should be asked the following important questions:

        1. How long have you been professionally conducting ceremonies?
        2. Will you be willing to comply with our unconventional or other requirements on the day of the ceremony?
        3. Should activities take longer than expected or begin later than anticipated, what is your overtime policy?
        4. Do you schedule multiple ceremonies every day? (If this is the case, make sure your celebrant has scheduled enough time to allow for any last-minute changes to the original ceremony.)
        5. Do you have a backup plan in case you are taken ill or are unable to lead our ceremony? (This is crucial. If this situation comes up, you need to know for sure who will perform your ceremony.)
        6. Do you own a microphone and PA system? (It is important to inquire because not all celebrants or venues will have their own PA & microphone system. Something to keep in mind if you are having an outside ceremony!)

Make sure your celebrant and you have a contract in place and schedule a meeting to go over the details of the ceremony script, just as you would with any other vendor. For example, aspects you would like to incorporate, such as religious themes or symbolic traditions.