Symbolic Rituals

Symbolic rituals have appeared in ceremonies stretching back to pagan times in various forms.

Two of the most beautiful symbolic rituals are a Hand Ceremony, referred to as the blessing of the hands, and a Handfasting Ceremony, an ancient ritual going back to pagan times, where the couple’s hands are tied together, with braid, or something similar, and exchange rings and vows in a traditional non-religious ceremony.

You might prefer a ritual involving two bouquets of flowers, whereby each of your mothers places a bouquet in a separate vase on the ceremony table. During the ceremony, each of you will pluck a single stem from your family’s bouquet and place them together in a smaller vase to symbolise the joining of your newly created marriage to your families.

Or maybe you would like a sand ritual where each person has different coloured sand and takes turns pouring it into one clear vessel, forming a layered effect expressing the love and harmony of your family.

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Lastly Your Photographer
Photographers may not be familiar with some of these ceremonies. Hence, they may not capture the moment you want for memories. It is up to you to explain the significance of these ceremonies and how you picture them in your mind. If you wish certain rituals in your wedding pictures or video, ensure your photographer knows the sequence and cues they’ll need to watch for.

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